Living water for a thirsty world

Guyana Christians and churches are in need of and could benefit from many items. Small pieces can be easily transported in a suitcase when Brother Paher travels to Guyana. A quick sample list is below:

  • Over-the-counter medicine (Benadryl, cold medicine, pain reliever, etc.)
  • Solar lights, flip flops and shoes, dresses, toys and bears, blankets, rice & flour, glasses, and tools for farmers.
  • Bibles, curriculum for every age, communion supplies and other books.
  • Any clothing (used and new) for all ages.
  • Any kid's meal toys from fast food restaurants

Amerindian Missions has a network of churches in south Alabama that helps to deliver materials and items to Guyana's interior regions via container. These shipments are sent two or three times annually. All items received to its warehouse located at the Summerdale Church of Christ are taken to the international port at Mobile, Ala. and shipped to the port in Georgetown, Guyana. From there, brethren from the Lamaha Gardens Church of Christ, distribute the items to Christians located in the Amerindian villages. This effort is overseen by the Summerdale Christ of Christ located at 1070 State Highway 59 South, Summerdale, AL 36580, and Larger item and oversized quantities of the above list should be sent via FedEx or UPS to that location. You can view an extended list here.

Do not hesitate to ask Brother Paher should there be a question about what or how to donate items for Guyanese Christians and churches using the form to the left.