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Would you like to write to Guyanese individuals or families? Are you curious how indigenous hunters and gathers live? Would you like to help other Christians grow in faith? Would you like to participate in the global aspect of the Great Commission without a passport? THEN, the Pen Pal Ministry is for you!

About 30 congregations of the Lord's church exist in Guyana's interior hinterland regions. Many struggle in the word and in their lifestyle as they are first-generation Christians. That is to say, they did not grow up in Christian homes.

Despite great efforts being done by David A. Paher, Jerry Davidson and others, the Pen Pal Ministry will accomplish something that cannot be done otherwise - communicate regularly with the nearly 1000 Christians in the remote areas to provide constant, thorough and personalized attention to the Christians and families.

Any faithful Christian or family in the church of Christ from the US can be a Pen Pal. Most Guyanese are also Christians although some of them are non-Christians who are closely tied to the local church in attendance or work.

Participants in the Pen Pal Ministry commit to one year of friendly, instructive letter writing. Each letter may take 3-6 weeks to get to their location. Therefore, an ideal participant would write one letter every three months for four letters per year. At the year's end, you can continue with the same person(s), be paired with another individual or family, or you may discontinue.

The cost to be a Pen Pal Ministry participant is minimal. Each time you write to your Guyanese Pen Pal, you will need two envelopes and a stamp along with your letter. It will cost your time, commitment and creativity. And, you are asked to make a one-time donation of $15 or more to Living Water 414 (at the address below) to cover the costs of the Welcome Packet. Altogether, the financial cost should not exceed $30 per year.

​Upon being confirmed in the Pen Pal Ministry, you will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail. The packet will contain instructions for you in how the ministry works and its importance in missions in Guyana. It will also contain a similar letter for you to include in your first letter to your Guyanese Pen Pal. Four foreign stamps will be provided for you so that your Guyanese Pen Pal may return a letter to you.

​You can indicate a commitment for one year in the Pen Pal Ministry by completely filling in the details to the left and clicking "submit." Your submitted form will be forwarded to our Pen Pal Ministry Coordinator, who will pair you with an individual or family most closely matches you.

You should receive an email confirmation within a few days and a Welcome Packet by the end of the following week to get started.

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