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Companion Churches
Nappi Village Church of Christ
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​Since I neither represent the abilities of a US congregation nor the needs of a Guyanese assembly, I can only provide some guidelines.

First, relationships are formed. Names and identities of families and individuals are known by among both assemblies, which raises awareness of others who share our like precious faith.

Second, educational opportunities arise which benefit both teachers and students (2 Timothy 2:2).

Third, financial assistance can be helpful but with this useful observation. The benevolent church evaluates the exact need, knows the precise recipients, and understands the total costs before and after any funds are sent.

Fourth, the US congregation intimately participates in foreign missions even without passports or planes.

Fifth, the Guyanese church receives special attention that is currently lacking. Nearly every preacher has requested Bible class material for men, women and children. For example, what does your church do with your Bible school material when you are finished? Would you share it with a Guyanese church and guide them through it? Or, better yet, would you study it together?

Sixth, when more congregations received individual attention, then I can lead campaigns to other village congregations that are neglected.
How It Works:

​Companion Church Ministry is more relational than financial. A mature US church with a seasoned eldership can greatly benefit a small, young congregation in Guyana in fellowship, edification and evangelism. For instance, the most frequently requested assistance is Bible class curriculum, which can easily be shared with the companion church. The class material could even be studied together. In addition, the ten or so families in each church could become Pen Pals. For American churches, this incredible opportunity allows families to participate in mission work without leaving the country; Guyanese congregations receive greater care and teaching than ever accomplished previously.

Contact me if interested, and I will ask a Guyanese church to prepare a letter to you formally asking for this ministry partnership. The rest is up to the two congregations.