Living water for a thirsty world

David A. Paher’s heart’s desire has always been to take Christ’s gospel to the others in the world. After over ten years in local ministry, the eldership of the Richmond Church of Christ commissioned Brother Paher to evangelize the people of Guyana, South America. Only thirty of the approximately 150 Amerindian villages (18%) have congregations of the Lord’s church; eighteen of those (12%) have regular meeting houses.

The aim is three-fold. First, campaigns are held in the spring, summer and fall to evangelize the lost. Jerry O. Davidson of Amerindian Missions leads these efforts and Brother Paher assists in a major way. Their partnership is like the Apostle Paul and Timothy. Second, follow-up is vital to the health and growth of individual Christians and congregations. Third, Brother Paher travels to the Rupununi to teach Bible courses in the school of preaching, Guyana Christian University. Brothers Tom Holland and Gene Johnson have served as the President and Vice President since its inception in 2004.

Brother Paher’s many visits to Guyana has helped him to witness the good soil and harvest and to understand the unique challenges to a third-world rural work as what is done in Guyana’s interior regions. God’s servants have a tough time getting to the most remote areas but so does Satan’s worldly devices. This fact makes Guyana a special place for evangelistic ministry.

Brother Paher is not alone in his work. Since many cannot personally travel to Guyana, several individuals and churches partner with him prayerfully and financially so that the evangelistic efforts may continue.

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