Living water for a thirsty world

Allen Webster - Jacksonville, Alabama
"I am happy to recommend David and Philena for your consideration. I have known them for more than ten years and appreciate their soundness in the faith, interest in the lost, and zeal for advancing the kingdom. I commend them to you as capable workers for the work in Guyana."
"David Paher is a great minister and teacher working in partnership with the God of increase. So, when I see David’s excitement and passion for the work in Guyana it stirs my soul. He has already proven himself to be a productive minster in the United States, yet his heart continues to look to other parts of the world. David believes the souls in Guyana must be reached. He has a burden in his heart, a plan in his mind, and prayers on his lips; now he needs Christians who will help. Will you? Say, “yes.” Let’s prayerfully, generously and gratefully support this great worker and work. Let’s send him. To God be the glory!  

…And how shall they hear without a preacher?
  And how shall they preach unless they are sent?...
  Romans 10:14-15"
"I have known David since about 2008 and have appreciated his positive attitude, faithfulness to the Lord, and desire to teach the lost. Now, he is ready to increase his commitment to evangelism in a fruitful, well-organized mission effort. He is coordinating tightly with established Guyanese work and will expand it. Living Water 414 is therefore a worthwhile cause and deserves our support; there will be more souls in heaven because of it."
David R. Shannon - Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Caleb Colley - Marietta, Georgia
David R. Pharr - Rock Hill, South Carolina
Charles Hodge - Duncanville, Texas
Spencer Strickland - Columbia, South Carolina
Jeff Archey - Cleveland, Tennessee
"I consider David Paher to be a preacher of considerable ability and of conscientious zeal. I am pleased to recommend him and his efforts for Guyana."
"Jesus put the church in the mission business. David Paher takes this personal. I am thrilled to recommend him and his efforts. Support him in every way you can."
"I have known David Paher nearly all of my life since we have been best friends since the seventh grade. Having gone to middle school, high school, and preaching school with him, I know how much he loves the Lord and the Lord's Cause. He has successfully served as a gospel preacher for several years, and he has experienced both joys and heartaches along the way. Such experiences have adequately prepared him for the work in Guyana. I whole-heartedly recommend my friend, brother, and fellow-laborer in the kingdom for the work in Guyana, and I hope you will support him in this effort."
"I know of no greater servant with compassion and care for the lost than David Paher. Truly, David is born for this work--spiritually as a servant of the Lord with pulpit and one-on-one experience and also physically--his time as an eagle scout prepares him for what many would consider a hardship. Not to is a "heartship" for him. His planning is prayerful, his preparation is careful and his efforts will be always to God's glory. Yes...his efforts are well worth consideration and eventual support."
David studies with Philip Clarke of New Amsterdam, Guyana
David Paher & Andrew Rampadarath travel to the hinterland.
David and Philena hike in the primitive bush to the next study
Annai Village preachers discuss evangelism opportunities.