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Dear Brethren,

As elders of the Richmond (KY) church of Christ, we are thankful to God for the opportunity to serve as overseers of David Paher through Living Water 414. David grew up in our area, and we have known him for most of his life. From an early age, he demonstrated his love for God, and his compassion for the lost. He knew he wanted to preach the gospel outside of the United States by the time he was in high school.

David is a sound gospel preacher who has a proven track record in the pulpit. He graduated from the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions in 2000 and has had successful works, both in Alabama and in Michigan. All the while, his heart was drawing him toward the foreign field. He has spent countless hours researching mission points, and meeting often with men and women who have spent their lives in foreign nations.

David fell in love with the people of Guyana during two campaigns there among the Amerindian people. He has the youthful exuberance, physical strength, and a passion for the lost that will make him a great servant for the Lord in South America. He has experienced the hardships of living conditions among primitive villages, and he eagerly accepts such challenges.

We know there are many good mission works, and that deciding which ones to support is a difficult task. We face the same challenge. It is our prayer that you will give careful consideration to the work in Guyana. The Richmond church is committing to this work for a period of five years. We are asking you to participate in this mission effort at whatever level is possible.

Contributions can to be sent to Living Water 414, Richmond church of Christ, 1500 Lancaster Road, Richmond, KY 40475. We will personally oversee all funds, and we will provide regular reports.

Guyana is fertile field for mission work. Our long-term plan is to support a native preacher in a village where no church now exists. We also plan to someday build a structure that will serve as a preacher-training school, with ample facilities to house visiting missionaries. David’s work in the field will be invaluable to our success.

We commend David to you without any reservation whatsoever. If you could meet with him one time, you would readily see his passion and his eagerness to preach the gospel to those in Guyana. We seek your support and your prayers. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

In Christ,


(859) 623 - 8535

Dear Brethren,

It is my pleasure to commend to you Brother David Paher for the work of missions in Guyana, South America. I have known David for several years while he served as the preacher of the Cedar Grove congregation in Andalusia, Alabama, and directly in the work in Guyana where David and I have worked together. I have seen David's passion for lost souls during the two campaigns for Christ in Karasabai and Moruca Villages. David worked extremely hard in both of these efforts. In the campaign at Moruca Village, David and his wife, Philena, were very successful in making friends with the local people and were responsible for about half of the conversions.

The work in Guyana among the Amerindians is a very hard and demanding work, and it is an added benefit to be a young man like David. I believe he has the qualities that are needed to do a great work for the Lord in Guyana.

First of all, David is a dedicated preacher of the Gospel. I have found him to be very studious with a good knowledge of God's Word, and a genuine love for preaching. His preaching is sound and true to the scriptures. Secondly, David has a faithful and good wife, Philena and they have two precious daughters. Philena is very supportive of David's missionary commitment and will be an asset to him in this work.

David is full of energy and has a great desire to save souls. Not everyone has the ability and the desire to cope with the difficult conditions of the interior of Guyana to do mission work. Most of the villages do not have running water or electricity or hotel and restaurant accommodations. I look forward to having David work along with me in carrying the Gospel to the Amerindians of Guyana.

Please give serious consideration to supporting David in this good work as we continue to pursue our goal of establishing the Lord's church in every village and placing a Bible in every Amerindian's hut.

I have been working in Guyana for 24 years, of which the last ten years have been full time. There are about 150 Amerindian villages scattered throughout the interior of Guyana. The villages where we have gone have not had anyone from the Lord's church to ever come to their village teaching the true Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have found the Amerindians to be very receptive to the Gospel.

Please feel free to contact me with any question you have.

For the cause of Christ,

Jerry Davidson*
(251) 510 - 9350

​Dear Brethren:

My name is David A. Paher. My wife, Philena, and I have been Christians for over 20 years, we have been marred for nearly 15 years, and we have been serving the Lord in local preaching ministry for over 12 years in Virginia, Alabama and Michigan. We have transitioned from local work to foreign missions. I am sending you this letter because I need financial and prayerful assistance in taking the gospel to the indigenous Amerindian villages of Guyana, South America.

Hearts are fertile in this region because people hunger for God’s word. On my last trip, 21 souls were saved; I baptized ten of those individuals. For this reason and others, I hear a Guyanese call (in a manner of speaking) that compels me to return to the white fields of harvest.

This letter is sent with important materials that will help you learn and evaluate our work. I am enclosing several copies of our DVD video presentation along with brochures. A letter from my overseeing eldership in Richmond, Kentucky is also included along with a formal invitation from Jerry Davidson, who is already conducting evangelistic work among the Amerindian villages. Additional information about this mission may be found on my website:

My family and I are willing to come to where you are located in order to tell about our work. I would love to make a presentation either formally to the congregation or informally to church leaders or a group of Christians. We are available any Sunday, Wednesday and anytime during the week.

I am looking for funds to begin in January for the 2014 year. My prayer is that you will partner with us prayerfully and financially in our mission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ into God’s global harvest.


David A. Paher*

(859) 314-8638

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